• Richard Blades

4 questions to ask yourself. They can impact your business

Did you know that the #actions you take as you interact with others on a daily basis can impact your #business either positively or negatively? Though we may know this on a general level, many still neglect to pay attention to how their action/inaction affect others.

It is said that the life you lead may be the only #bible that others read. Therefore, what are you saying?

Here are a some questions to ask yourselves:

  • Are you taking others for granted?

  • Do you take unfair advantage of others?

  • How about your public/private #lives. Are they in sync? Can you say that what you say in public lines up with what you do when no one is around?

  • Would you define yourself as judgmental/impartial?

Determine from today that you're going to make a difference in the lives of others by calling yourself to a higher standard. You don't have to follow #trends but you can set them. Become known for qualities like honesty, dependability, quality, and the list can go on as you redefine yourselves. Offer value, so that even if you're expensive your clients feel they got a bargain; they got more than they paid for.

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