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Are we making the best use of our time?

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The lament of many business people within the working environment is, "there are not enough hours in a day". Hearing this comment often makes me chuckle with amusement since throwing more time at a problem can be tantamount to throwing more money at a problem. The problem still is not solved and the resource is wasted.

The statement "Money follows management" is not as cliched as it sounds. Good management always seems to get things done, and everyone wants to get aboard a moving train; investors/funding entities included.

How do you value your time? It is a resource more precious than money, yet it is wasted on a daily basis with people not even making any plans for how they will actively use it to go towards their goals. Even I myself have been guilty of this and when the regret sets in you have to get past it quickly lest you waste more of the same resource that you lament over.

Unnecessary meetings - I dislike them with an intense passion if they are not well organized with clear agendas, time-frames and outcomes. I decline attendance if these are not clear, and in the event that I take the chance of attending one without these parameters; I always regret it since very little is achieved.

A reminder that a luxury time piece is not as precious as that which it measures.

If you lose money you can get it back, if you lose time it is forever gone.

Here are a few tips for better using your time:

  • Don't have meetings without a clear written agenda. Circulate it before so that participants can attend the meeting prepared. This avoids the talk shop outcomes.

  • Trying to cram too many meetings into one day is grossly unproductive.

  • Have meetings wherever without having to commute. The driving, flying, sailing takes loads of time. Although on the golf course, in a cafe; quite a bit can be accomplished.

  • Consultants, Time-blocs, are more productive than hourly meetings which create anxiety on the part of all attending the meetings. The participant who doesn't want to go past the hour to encounter another hourly charge, and yourselves who are left wondering if you'll be paid for the additional time. The budgeting of both time/money are cleaner removing the nickle and diming of both resources.

  • Decide if you're the best person for the meeting or should the client be meeting with someone who offers more value/information/solutions. Remember, crave all loses all.

  • Be respectful, arrive on time, even if the meeting(s) are conducted online. Stay on point(s) to be discussed.

  • Meeting minutes should be ready within 48 hours of the meeting's completion. The permits action to be taken on the points discussed in the meeting prior to any follow up sessions.

Richie B. works in business development and has helped entities grow, turnaround from negative situations and generally develop wholesome environments. He welcomes the opportunity to assist others in progressing in their chosen fields of endeavor.

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