• Richard Blades

Customer service - a department or mindset?

We constantly strive to satisfy customers...

Upon entering a #business and seeing the sign #customer #service, do you perceive it as a place where you can genuinely obtain assistance or has it become a place that you go to in order to file a complaint?

Shouldn't you question that scenario a bit deeper, you may begin to realize the emphasis that is placed on the customer by that organization. you may realize that not enough detail is paid to how customers are treated, and that there is a tokenism of customer service, where it is found easier to offer a discount or some other trinket, rather than plan for the customers' experience to be of high value.

Ultimately, #leadership or lack of it within any organization determines the level of customer #care.

Customer care is comprehensive. It encompasses:

  • The cleanliness of your business

  • The programs that you have running for customers (internal and external)

  • The operations are in place to support said programs and everyone is knowledgeable about them

  • Should there by any hiccups, and there will be, the protocols should be clear for all to follow so there is a unique handling of every situation is a manner that the customer is made to feel special

  • Verbal, written, and non-verbal communications should reinforce each other telling the same story and providing an experience that is positive for all involved

Sure there's more to meeting the needs of a customer than this short article addresses, but it can be a starting point. Next time you examine, really examine customer service; what will your take away be? A department or a mindset?

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