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Doing it right...6 things to consider

Ever so often, you get to think if what you're doing is right. The evaluation is necessary in order to remain significant to those you serve.

I like this. Found it online but I don't know the originator

How many of us get that time to pause and reflect? It seems that today population confuses action with progress. To our detriment, a lot of our activity seems mindless resulting in less than stellar results.

Recently, I had the opportunity to read up on Appreciative Inquiry and though its something that was foremost in my mind, I hadn't realized it was actually given a title. Thank you Marjorie for the recommendation. It's good reading, with the information easily put forward.

Why are our managers and business owners not engaging more of these practices? Many of them are not reading as they should. Sure they grasp what's in the newspaper, but that's history. It's important to read ahead to know what techniques you can employ to make your business better.

We are also quite passive, no one really responds to blog articles by the article. I am often met in person as I move around society where readers then tell of how they were impacted.

How hungry are we for success? What's success for one isn't readily the same for another.

E.g. How often do you hear a manager ridicule an individual for a mistake they made? Now compare this to when you hear someone being commended for doing something right, which one has the more lasting improvement on the organization?

For the next thirty 30 days, congratulate people within your organization for doing the right thing. Here are some tips:

  • Praise in public, criticize in private

  • Listen with empathy, don't be so willing to offer up a response to what the speaker is saying

  • Exercise patience, this may be new for all of you

  • Evaluate if you notice a reduction in stress levels

  • Review your findings

  • Evaluate how you'll proceed

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