• Richard Blades

Here are 5 ways having a business model can grow your business

Let me ask you this, does your #business have a model? Many businesses have elaborate #missionstatements that no one remembers. They are seldom able to say briefly what it is that they do as a business. So the thing is, if you don't know how to explain your business, how can you #communicate information about the business you're in to others?

This may be one of the key reasons why businesses fail as readily as they do. They are chucking a number of #activities together, making some money, and saying that they are in business without everyone who represents the business being on the same page and same chapter.

Isn't it a wonder that big successful businesses seem to educate their team members about their business? They want to ensure that when #leadership is not available, and those times will come, the business is adequately represented by committed, loyal, and knowledgeable team members.

Having a business model that is well articulated and clear can do the following for you, regardless of whether you're a for profit/not for profit entity.

  1. When everyone understands their business model they are clear about how customers, internally and externally should be served.

  2. Clarity about the services provided and knowledge of where those not provided can be obtained are readily available.

  3. Everyone knows their roles while understanding and appreciating the roles of others who work to make the offering of the organization complete.

  4. Every strategic step is taken in consultation with the established Business Model

  5. Constant interaction using the business model alerts you to when it needs to be revised when the environment within which the entity operates begins to change. The entity is then able to adapt more quickly.

Need more #information on how you can define and adapt your business model, feel free to link with us. We will be able to direct you accordingly.

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