• Richard Blades

Knowing the balls of your business - 6 questions to ask yourselves

Let's get straight to the heart of the matter. When I learned about the salaries sports professionals get I often wonder, why did I bother with the university and higher educational pursuits. You end up with students loans and when the time comes to repay them, the jobs that they mentioned you'd have, where you are within your career are nowhere near the projections given when you were making the applications.

Look here for yourselves at this old report and see the average pay per week that people in sports make. Scroll down to the database finding, and see for yourselves. If you want further support/proof, then look here.

Even as we finished reading these reports, you'll probably share the earlier opinion I had. You would recognize you don't know balls about the business you're in. Why? You simply don't hone your business skills enough. Your business does not get enough attention where you strategize and plan rather than worry.

Sports professionals almost always know the outcome of their ball plays before they make the play because they practice. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and workers don't. They don't manage the variances within their environments.

  • How is the ball/business going to turn when you make your play?

  • How is the ball/business going to be received when opportunities come your way?

  • When are you going to plan your strategies for using your ball/business to win?

  • Where will you key people be in your ball game/business environment?

  • What measures will you put in place to ensure the same situations to adversely affect you more than once? 

  • Can you say that your ball game/business has a model governing your operations and everything you do within the day's activities?

The size of the balls/business doesn't matter. You have to know how to play them to your benefit. Play to be a winner. Show leadership in the way you handle your balls. 

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