• Richard Blades

Recently concluded Business Fundamentals Workshop

Over the past 5 weeks The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation [BIDC] hosted the Business Fundamentals workshop. I had the privilege of sharing with their participants and to say the least the feedback went well.

During the program we addressed the key areas that impact businesses and the interaction was quite high. They learned from me and I did from them, and it was exciting to see that entrepreneurship is alive and seeking to thrive.

During this workshop, I learned of many of the challenges that SMEs encounter, and they seem to be growing. Another article I wrote earlier addresses some of those concerns. So I must tell you, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Those seeking to embark on such a journey must be absolutely clear about what they want to do, in terms of goals, and who they wish to serve.

Training is necessary for those who function in entrepreneurship as there are so many unknowns. What I have found is that the BIDC is doing a phenomenal job in exposing the SME groups to as much work related insights that is humanly possible. Some participants are taking it in, others need more than one application of training before they get it.

The key is getting these groups to realize elements of what they have learned within short time frames. Once they realize small successes based on what they do try, they are likely to buy into the program(s) wholesale to truly realize the benefits.

Do you think that continued education is necessary for SMEs? Would love to get your feedback and input. Feel free to comment.

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