• Richard Blades

Reduced training costs?!?...

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Not sure who to credit with this graphic but it's on target

In recent times the costs of everything has been escalating. Not only personally but in business as well. However, we have realized that with the country facing the challenges that has been set upon it, we could not follow suit. We asked how we can help. What can we do to contribute to the rebuilding of our nation.

As you can imagine, there are many small businesses beginning and some are expanding their operations. The thing is, many of them have limited resources and frankly, every dollar they spend needs to be making traction rather than seeming like it's spinning top in mud.

So how do we do it?

We use technology to ensure that our participants can focus on the material within the session rather than worrying about taking notes. It leads to more meaningful interaction and greater takeaways by the participants to the session(s). We've even eradicated costly, bulking handouts and participants can bring their own devices and they'll be all set.

Need to find out more?

Our sessions are highly interactive with a combination of physical and virtual connectivity. Assignments need not take up the bulk of the training anymore and can be done outside the classroom, so downtime to the organization is minimized and productivity is optimized. With our contact details on the website, it is easy to make contact with us for more information. Looking forward to hearing from you. I welcome your feedback and engagement.

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