• Richard Blades

SMEs Standards for Customer Service

As a small business, how many of us plan what our customer service interactions should be like? Have we taken the opportunity to identify possible scenarios that can take place and the solutions that we can use to appease them?

It is necessary to plan so that we are not surprised. Why? Because if we're caught flatfooted we can say or do the wrong thing which can have an adverse impact on building the business to the level we so desire.

One doesn't have to wait until training sessions are attended. The key is to never let any situation stump you twice. Try wherever possible to ensure that your customer service interactions are happening as you intended and not via a knee-jerk action.

Do you know the standards of customer service for your respective field? Do you know how to apply any existing standards?

One of the aspects impacting SMEs is that by not knowing the standards they operate in the dark and therefore not realize the full benefits to which they may be entitled. Business is not the arena to play the i.n.o (I ain't know) card. Be informed and be proactive. Get to know your standards for customer service and identify any possible areas of benefit to your operation.

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