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The functional setting for SMEs

Are we really our brothers' keeper? It is a question that can cross the minds of individuals as we contemplate our functioning within the pandemic environment. Our thoughts revolve around innovation, concerns, uncertainty, initiatives to be implemented, plans to conquer challenges to our existence. There are a lot.

Who is impacted? Pretty much a lot of fields have been impacted:

  • Retail

  • Medical

  • Churches

  • Charities

  • Hospitality and travel

  • Food and Beverage

  • Education and training

  • Agribusiness and fisheries

  • Manufacturing of all sorts

  • Services

If we're honest, then we would realize that the impact is multifaceted and impacts our:

  • Marketing

  • Environment

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • Trade and Logistics

  • Operations

Over the coming weeks, we will be looking at how SMEs can function within a pandemic and post-pandemic environment. I encourage you to follow us on the various social media so that you can remain informed. We will be looking at best practices, exploring thoughts and ideas, and hopefully discussing methodologies for coping. I am hoping that this will be interactive and useful to all our public. Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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