• Richard Blades

The need to read...here are 4 reasons

If you were ever a gamer, then you'd be familiar with a game that's quite similar in the phonetic sound - "The Need for Speed"!

However, what makes this different is where that was a game. This one impacts what happens to you in real life situations; especially if you're in business.

We are inundated with lots of information.

Here are four reasons you should read if you intend to be a leader.

  1. As individuals our vault of knowledge can be limited by our experiences. Reading exposes us to a treasure trove of experiences from others.

  2. Some books enable business leaders to keep ahead of the trends that impact their businesses.

  3. Reading allows us to step away from the generally busy lifestyles to engage in thinking, especially when we do mindful reading.

  4. It increases our body of knowledge necessary for interacting with others from their points of view/interest. E.g. If you are not interested in a particular sport, your knowledge of it can be a deal maker/breaker.

Drawing on the experiences of others can go a long way towards assisting you in enhancing a key element of life, your people skills. As a caution, you don't have to be an expert on every subject by being able to speak on it, but by reading you have an understanding that you can listen without glazing over asking select questions to boost your body of knowledge while engaging the others in the conversation.

Drawing from my personal experiences, internationally someone expects that if you're from the Caribbean you are keen on cricket, knowing the game, its players and their history. There was once a that I was not interested in cricket, and though I am not a fan, I have an appreciation for it. I had to learn quickly when I interacted with service providers from India. They thought it a privilege to live in the Caribbean among the global cricket greats. It taught me a lesson. Never take anything for granted.

Schedule some time to read this week, and make it a lifelong habit.

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