• Richard Blades

The next phase of business for SMEs

Caribbean people must think and act.

Has the focus of beginning and functioning as a SME limited out thinking and abilities? Given our educational levels why aren't we creating businesses that can be sold and therefore generate a society of multimillionaires at the very least. We are so focused on control that we are missing the bigger picture, and end of choking the business' potential since we haven't realized that we have grown it to where we can and must find others who can take it to the next level which may be beyond our capabilities and resources.

Our selfishness and shortsightedness ends up robbing the society and the world of businesses that can be of significant benefit towards the advancement of a people. Within the Caribbean, we must recognize our strengths. We can innovate, however we do not have the resources available to us to really generate, we must be willing to embrace others from around the world who can do just this as many are willing to do so. In many instances, you may not be required to totally leave the company but may continue in a consultative capacity to ensure the company stays true to its initial mission even as it evolves and scales up.

We can no longer be afraid to speak of profits, and to ensure that the systems we put in place enable our businesses to profit. Sure our businesses can give back, but they can do so much more for a society when they are profitable. Our businesses need to develop the societies within which they function, enabling us to be more significant in our approach to business from the car park to the board room, everyone needs to be involved understanding their role and not thinking that what they do is insignificant. All roles have a measure of importance to the success of any entity and must be viewed as such by all involved.

To use our body as a comparison, we cannot all be the head. There are other areas that we take for granted until they don't function properly. We can no longer take anything for granted but must pay attention to detail. Entrepreneurship is no longer limited to any one entity but must evolve as a way of life and thinking where every role understands their function and operate as such giving of their best, abstaining for the loitering during productive hours - day or night.

To be blunt, if you're going to be a cleaner, then become a master cleaner constantly learning about how your job can be done better and still preserve the environment internally and externally. It goes beyond cleaning up a mess of some sort, the correct tools and products must be used coupled with your knowledge as to why you do things the way you do.

Yes, it will take some doing, but we must get ready for the next phase of doing business where leadership is held accountable for the performance of the business and therefore experience the rewards/penalties based on their competence. skills and abilities. Let's shift our environments to enhancing societies and in doing create better environments for our people within a global setting. We must become recognized for our intellect.

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