for Your Industry


Having worked with secondary school level children through to tertiary level in the agribusiness programs. We have been able to assist participants to really develop their business to the extent that they are clear about their business, its required systems and all elements to ensure their operations result in a profitable entity. 

Banking & Financial Services

Working with entrepreneurs to obtain financing is one of the areas we have successfully functioned within for most of our years. Our approach is thorough, where we intend to ask and answer any question financiers would have pertaining to any business resulting in them being financed in a manner that is affordable to all involved. 


When we educate, we do so in a multifaceted manner that always keeps improving. Our aim is to see results within 24 - 48 hours of completion, and therefore our programs are highly interactive - inside and outside of the sessions. What's more is that we create a lasting interactive platform where participants can continue to develop themselves to the benefit of their organizations. 

Energy & Utilities

Working in this field is not all technology, but there is significant room for the development of the softer skills.  This is where we come in as our customer service, team building, operations, and understanding business programs can go a long way in building organizational cohesiveness. 


Has a myriad of programs they require assistance in expediting. We have worked significantly with entrepreneurs at varying levels of development and within various countries. Our programs include BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) rollouts so that resources are saved and training can be done for massive groups in a timely manner without undue strains on budgets.