• Richard Blades

7 Reflections on a year almost gone

Annually, we seem to go through a routine of setting resolutions for the new year. We begin January full of zeal and optimism. Sometime in the first quarter of the new year, we begin to wane. We are now at that point again, however I would ask that something different be done.

Let's reflect on various aspects of our lives in the past year, both personally and professionally. Sit with a pen and a blank notepad and then ask and answer these questions for yourselves.

  1. What did I learn from this year personally and professionally?

  2. Given what I now know, how will I function differently within the new year?

  3. If I wanted to volunteer to pay more taxes, what changes do I need to make to how I currently operate?

  4. Am I absolutely clear about what I want/don't want?

  5. Am I comfortable with having and managing money and resources?

  6. Who do I need to have on my team that would help me realize my goals?

  7. How committed am I to realizing my goals and by when?

Do not skimp on doing this, taking this activity seriously can significantly impact the type of future that you have. Here's to having a splendid, most productive 2019.

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