• Richard Blades

A time for change - BBCSLP

Don't miss out on the changing times

Barbados has been going through significant #changes both good and bad this year. The situations that we face as a nation cannot be grappled with using old #methodologies. They were good for the times in the past for which they were intended.

#Businesses intending to succeed must recreate themselves to function within the dynamic environment that we will have to function within.

We're changing, since on June 20th the old platform on which we hosted our website would be no more. While useful, they were unprepared to evolve. Obsolescence set in and certain basics were not even introduced by them. In short, we have to become uncomfortable and move. CHANGE IS NEVER EASY, but is often necessary. Change is a constant in life.

As a practice, we have to become even more nimble since within the market new businesses are being developed at an alarming rate. Strategic alliances must form in order to handle the magnitude of opportunities that will present themselves as work. Operations must evolve in order to address the needs of others within quick time frames while being accurate in your solutions.

Actual physical interaction is too slow in some instances, taking too much time which is a most valuable resource. This is a dynamic time and there is no real blueprint providing a template from which to work. This is an #evolution in the business world. Are you ready?!?

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