• Richard Blades

Do you know my story?

How many of us are in business and simply miss the boat when it comes their story. Must we be so secretive that others do not know what's really involved in building a business? People looking on from the outside only see the results, good/bad. However, they don't understand or know any of the following examples that I'll share with you based on discussions with business owners.

Tell your story and help another while you too benefit


  • Building a business often requires being able to pay everyone before you can ever pay yourself. Sure we hear about and read the books saying pay yourself first, however the general practice is to make sure all your bills are paid.

  • When you're contracted to do work for larger entities you can encounter jealousy. Many business owners have experienced this especially when the time comes for them to be paid. Comments are made to them about how they control a lot of money, or comments on files like why is this person/entity being issued with so many contracts. It seldom has to do with the quality of their work being substandard. They are paid late for work done which creates cash flow difficulties.

  • When you're cash strapped and depressed you still have to get up, get ready and show up for work with a willingness to work.

  • You get less vacations than when you work for someone else.

  • You can write job letters for employees to get loans and have great difficulty securing loans for yourself since you're often viewed as self employed.

These are just some of the examples of issues those who function in SMEs encounter during their daily routines on the job.

Nowadays, the trend is to be an entrepreneur with the reason being given generally of being one's own boss. When you see how some people treat their businesses the question needs to be asked if they would like to work under the supervision of themselves were they to take a long look at their attitude and performance. Maybe they were better off in a job, since all the moving parts of entrepreneurship seems to overwhelm them.

There's a need to tell your story. Those who look at you from a distance just may have a better appreciation for what you're going through daily. They'll realize it's not a bed of roses as they thought recognizing the roses have thorns. Entrepreneurship can be rewarding in ways that have nothing to do with finances. Those who engage in it daily do it as a matter of helping to make the experiences of others better as they go through this life. Know your reasons for embarking on the journey.

I would love to get your feedback. If this helped you, please share it as it may help another person on their journey. Visit our website for tips and tidbits that just may be useful in your business.

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