• Richard Blades

We joined too...and are now accepting...

When you are in business you have to grow with the times. The acceptance of cheques have lost their luster, even those issued by companies. Long delays between deposits and access to cash, days at a time in many instances. Fees that challenge your livelihood by the same banks who really are not offering the service for the service charge they claim monthly.

When I hear the media says that the private sector must do more, and seeing what I witness when observing businesses daily, I ask quietly, are there more that one private sectors? Where are those who are said to be doing so well?

Nowadays, business people can't even keep the appointments they make, and they are so embarrassed they don't even seek to confirm the appointment one way or another.

You got to watch the cash.

Cashflow is king, since you can be profitable and go out of business due to insufficient access to the cash you've earned. In many circles, it is ironic that you work for your money and then have to beg for it too when payment times are delayed.

Thank goodness there's an alternative.

Along came #mMoney at the right time:

  • Lower processing fees

  • Greater access to your funds

  • Convenience

  • Growing market acceptance

  • Willingness of people to convert to using it (info taken from a survey we conducted)

The list can go on but I won't bore you. Check it out in the various app stores. Join the movement. I think it's here to stay. I'm excited to see how it impacts #MSMEs

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