• Richard Blades

You've got to practice

I am not the greatest of writers, and each article I write comes with a struggle to sit in one place and actually determine what you want to say in a way that the reader understands easily and benefits from the information conveyed.

Even as I begin this section on case studies, I remember attending a writing class only to learn that they were focusing on novels and later told me that I didn't have that skill and was better suited for writing about business.

In business, there are still stories to tell, and funny enough, I probably do more articles than others who were in that course with me.

I love reading, and though time constrains me to the amount of material covered. I do recognise well put together articles when I see them. There are some friends that permit me to travel the world with them via their travel blogs. They so vividly describe the experiences, that I can see, smell, and virtually experience what they did on their travels. Their articles are reinforced by well placed photos that serve to enhance what they are conveying.

The case studies that will be featured in this section will be based on observations, reported incidents, and for illustrative purposes a fable every once in a while.

There are too few stories with a Caribbean setting, this does not mean that everything here will have such a setting but we allude to our native environment on occasion. Who knows, maybe with each article there will be improvement and hopefully we can all learn that there is benefit in practice.

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