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A new approach to business development

What's the mix in your life? Dance to your tunes, it's time!

Have you heard the news? People are getting displaced as #job_cuts are coming.

It's a story that is repeated in the #media ever so often. It creates panic, and a range of other emotions. Yet, it seldom if ever seems to generate any lasting plan of action where people would use opportunity to prepare and safeguard themselves against any such eventuality.

#Business_plans are expensive. The fees can sometimes leave you wondering that if you had them (the fees) you wouldn't need to seek funding. An incorrect assumption, especially if you don't know the rules of money.

Yet, it is becoming more common place to hear of displacement within the #labour_force. The panic it generates is real, as people contemplate their lot and that of those who depend on them. Yet we must ask ourselves, what do we have at our disposal that can help us rebound quickly should we ever find ourselves in a similar situation.

Getting into #business requires money or its worth.

As I often say, because you're a good plumber, it doesn't mean you can run a good plumbing business.

What would you need?

  • A business plan (Everything that's entailed in the planning process) [Can cost in excess of $10,000]

  • Business registration fees [Begin at $104 and go up depending on the business format used]

  • Good legal team [May be outsourced as needed]

  • Good accounting team [May be outsourced as needed, but keep your bookkeeping current]

  • Good business advisory services (operations, marketing, sales, supply chain management, etc) [May be outsourced as needed]

  • Insurance [Good Key-Man, Pension plans, and others; speak with your advisor]

  • Location fees [Rent etc.]

  • A good banker [Identify the one that best suits your needs as a business]

  • Contacts within the statutory entities who can provide reliable information key for your business' compliance [BRA, NIS, etc]

  • A good continuing education system [Books, courses, etc]

Stay tuned to find out some of the developments that will assist you at building your businesses in a cost effective manner. It can be done. It is time that you are prepared to face what life throws at you. You can lead a successful life with the accompanying lifestyle!

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