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Business@IslandTime Revamp

Morgan Lewis Windmill

We have recently upgraded our website, and while doing so decided to also revamp our blog. Sure we had reasonably good information on the old blog, but as time changes so must the information, in order to remain relevant.

We want to be more current, not waiting until some time has passed before publishing information, but ensuring that you have information that you may use in decision making.

Sure a lot will be our #opinions and #observations, but there is still something that you may glean from these areas as well.

Sure there are certain things in the business world that have become mainstream in their acceptance e.g. collar and tie. But as businesses evolve shouldn't the dress be more "practical" and adaptable?

More people are living the #laptop #lifestyle to business, others have gone completely #mobile not bothering to be tethered by larger devices and are still being most productive.

Though I love to work in the Google sphere, there are others who are demonstrating more productive uses for Whatsapp, a program that I formerly disliked because of the misuse by others.

Years ago, I read business@thespeedofthought by Bill Gates and have seen much of what was within the pages of the book come to past.

Check in often, comment and provide feedback, in a manner that helps others to grow. We intend to be useful at helping people understand how to do business with the Caribbean in both directions.

Thank you for your continued support over the years. Follow us on social media as well for the more concise bits of #information.

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