• Richard Blades

Office space for today's businesses

Given the diversity of small #businesses and their #mobility, one thing is certain. The #officespace required consist of the shoes you're wearing.

In any given day, today's business owner/worker can be a myriad of places in one day. All the while, they are still doing business, however instead of their #customers coming to them, they now go to their customers, at least in some cases.

Even in brick and mortar establishments, they are changing the way they dress to better accommodate their customers/clients. Making them a part of the ambiance they wish to create, themes are well thought out enabling the customer to become a part of the experience. This cements the experience of the transaction in their minds, that once it's good, they would wish to repeat it.

With the growing popularity of Wi-Fi and #mobile devices, doing business virtually anywhere has become that much easier.

As I think about it, the entertainment industry is a business field that generates money. Here's a busy day at the office...

Band Leaders, Photographers, Media Houses, Magazines are all in business because of this and other photos of this event.

Wherever you are in the world, you can generate value that people will be willing to pay for, and it doesn't have to be a product it can be an experience.

The idea is where your office can be depends on the shoes you wear; ensure they are comfortable.

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